The VMAs are one of the most important events of the year. This year was no different: millions of people followed their favorites on the red carpet hoping that they will win the big prize. But the night had a lot more “moments” to offer.

Applause for Lady G.

It is just normal for Lady Gaga to put on a show. She started off slow, but then she changed the tempo. Most probably the majority of people won’t remember that because their mind has been blown by the unnatural number of costume changes that she had. She finished the song in a bikini and she showed her fans a little more than they wanted to see.

How about Miley?

How about Miley

There was an awkward moment when Shailene Woodley and Vanessa Bayer introduced Miley Cyrus “dressed as… Miley Cyrus”. Is this is a form of flattery, or do we sense some rivalry there?

What did she do this time?

What did she do this time

At the beginning of her performance, Miley was surrounded by giant teddy bears. After this she stripped to her underwear and did nasty things with a foam finger. Compared to her, Robin Thicke looked quite elegant.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart

The interesting thing about this year’s show is that it had no host. However, Kevin Hart kept showing up telling jokes (sadly not all of them were appreciated by the audience). He did say one clever thing though: maybe Miley should get a pregnancy test after what she did on scene.

Kanye goes Dark

Kanye goes Dark

Maybe parenthood is affecting the artist. This time he chose a quiet show with the lights turned down. He appeared to have a giant silhouette over the audience. While we can’t say that it was a bad performance, most probably he went for a nap after it.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

After winning an award, Taylor had an emotional speech in which she thanked one of her ex-boyfriends who inspired the song. Well, winning an award at the VMAs will definitely show him.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

It looks like Justin was the biggest winner of the night. He had a performance in which he combined old songs like “Sexyback”, “Take Back the Night”, and “Four Minutes”. It is possible that this has been the best performance of them all.


For a few moments the N’Sync seemed to have reunited. However, after a short while Justin hushed off his former band mates and took the stage.

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