Surprise, surprise! The celebrity gossip world recently added a “WOW!” to what we all know as X-factor. Simon Cowell, the most severe and feared judge from the show was caught red handed and proved to be the expecting father of a hot NY socialite baby mama –Lauren Silverman.

Who is She?

Laura Silverman is a walking, talking, real live “Serena van der Woodsen”. She is a known socialite celebrity of the Big Apple and still…wife to the real estate, extremely rich, mogul – Andrew Silverman. Laura is a gorgeous creature , mother to a 7 years old and currently pregnant with…Simon Cowell’s baby.

What Happened?

Nobody would have thought Simon capable of openly destroying a marriage and apparently he didn’t. It seems that the Silverman couple was on the verge of a divorce and Simon, a friend of the family, became a reliable shoulder for Lauren to cry on. It seems that from there to her expecting his baby were just six months in which they became a baby expecting couple.


Andrew Silverman took action and filed the divorce papers citing Simon Cowell as a co-respondent for the accusation of adultery. The strange but also funny thing about the matter is the fact that both Andrew and Lauren publicly declared that they plan to work out some sort of relationship for the sake of their son.


Nobody can say that the purpose for which Lauren became pregnant with Simon was  Simon’s money. Her soon to be former husband is extremely wealthy and she has a brand and money of her own. However strange, it seems that between her and Simon exists a kind of chemistry she could not resist.

Simon Cowell – Baby Daddy?

Moral ground considered, the baby is the result of Simon cheating with his friend’s wife so there is no doubt he wishes to keep the matter private. Apart from this, at 53, nobody would have thought of Simon taking the step to father a baby.

Could it be? The media and his friends are a bit skeptical about the matter. Knowing Simon both in person and in the character of the X-factor judge , people are not exactly seeing him becoming an affectionate father.

Awkwardness vs. Love

The media will surely have a field day with this divorce and pregnancy. There is no such thing as bad publicity and with all that has been revealed in this matter we can’t help but wonder why did Lauren chose to get pregnant?  She surely is gorgeous and at 36, getting back her figure will not be easy. Apart from this if she wanted an affair she could have had one without so much fuss.

The only conclusion we can draw is that …she truly loves Simon…


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