Sarah Jessica Parker is many things. Style guru, popular celebrity, talented actress, brand image and such an inspiring woman everybody loves to see and hear about.

Her very recent public appearance is on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar where she shines wearing amazing outfits increasing even further the reputation of fashion lover and style icon.

Sarah Jessica Parker talks Fashion, Love and Marriage

Marriage Life

The actress was not afraid to say she loves her husband. In spite of the fact that they come from different environments and the fact they were not exactly prepared to live their lives under the microscope of the world, SJP states that after 16 years of marriage she is still in love with Matthew Broderick.

The couple has three children, a son and two twin daughters and chose to keep their family away from the waves of celebrity world.

Real Life Love?

Could it be? In Hollywood and Broadway for that matter, a 16 years marriage is far from being something common. However, leaving aside that in 2008 their ironclad marriage image was shook by some disturbing gossip stating that Matthew cheated on her; the couple is still growing strong.

She is not afraid to declare to the magazine that she loves him for being the father of her kids and for the fact that because of him there is a whole different world out there.

Fashion and More Iconic Acts

Sarah Jessica Parker is not Carrie Bradshaw, the beloved character from “ Sex and the City”. Still she is very much into shoes and she is about to release her very own shoe collection with the help of ManoloBlahnik  brand, she made so popular in the TV show. The collection will be simply called SJP and the actress is extremely excited about the fact that she can play with more neutrals than just black and white for the shoe designs.

Her Style, Her Statements

You would expect a style icon to be extremely confident in her statements. Surprisingly, after she modeled a gorgeous statement maxi dress and a low cut pink feather dress for the magazine, Sarah Jessica Parker was not afraid to admit she is not all knowing about fashion.

The actress is a certainly a fashion lover and a fan of many brands but she likes to work with fashion labels and learn more about this beloved topic.  She is known for being able to cruise complicated fashion crowds and she is proud to say she is open for ideas and cooperation with people more fashion conscious than she is.


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