A little while ago the palace released the first official photos of the new royal baby, Prince George. While in the majority of the cases important people like the royal family choose professional photographers, these photos have been taken by Kate’s father in the backyard of the Buckleburry family home.

What do the Photos Tell us?

There were two photos released and both of them show new family sitting in the garden, accompanied by a retriever and a cocker spaniel. Both parents are happy and radiant and we can see the little one swaddled up in a white blanket. Kate chose a magenta dress for the photos and she has her perfect signature hairstyle with loose waves. William opted for a more casual look by wearing a simple shirt.

Secrets Surrounding the Baby

The parents of the little one chose to lay low over the past month. The little one has not been seen since he left the hospital. A few days later the family took off to Buckleburry. Since then William was seen on two occasions, but the mother and the child never left their “hiding place”.

The New Home

It is quite surprising that the prince doesn’t live at the palace. It is tradition that the first home of a new royal baby to be the palace.


It looks like Kate’s parents have been preparing for this “move” for quite some time. They sold their mansion in Burkshire back in 2011 claiming that it was too visible for the people passing by. They opted for another mansion in the surrounding area that offers more privacy for the inhabitants.

What could be Missing?

The new home comes with its own tennis court, swimming pool, and even a library. It also involves 18 acres of land. There are seven bedrooms to choose from and some people say that the nursery has been decorated by the new grandmother. It looks like this home still isn’t enough for the family, because they are planning or building and outbuilding with a flat and a garage.


The officials said that the couple decided to move to Kate’s parents so that they will have some privacy and to have the chance to actually get to know their son. All new families need some time alone, which would have not been possible at Kensington Palace. It looks like the countryside is more suitable for the royal baby.


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