A few days ago Kim Kardashian, her soon to be husband, Kanye West and baby North all attended the funeral of Kanye’s grandfather in Oklahoma. Although the baby is still very young, the parents felt like it was important for her to take part at the service. Although this is a somber occasion, people couldn’t help noticing how stunning the new celebrity mother looks only a couple of months after giving birth.

Losing Baby Weight

The new mother looked amazing, even if she had to attend a funeral. She chose a mini black dress. Although she was trying her best to keep her look simple, her form-fitted dress showed off her curves and at this point we can be sure that her sacrifices of losing that baby weight paid off. The flared skirt of the dress made her look even slimmer.

Tone it Down

In order to make sure that she won’t look too flashy, she added a black cardigan duster to her look as well. This cardigan may have had double duty. It can tone down her appearance and hide the body parts that she might not be truly happy with yet.


If there is something that Kim is known for, it is her very high stilettos. She had to abandon them for short while during her pregnancy, but now she is back in business. Such shoes can really help women look taller and slimmer. This means that a couple of extra pounds will never be noticed while wearing heels.

A Family Thing

This occasion marks several milestones. It was the first time this baby traveled by plane. In the same time this was the first occasion for many of the family members to meet the newborn. Even though the parents tried their best to hide the baby (from the sun and from all the curious people), some participants did have the chance to lay their eyes on her.

A Happy Baby

All the people who saw little North at the funeral say that she is a happy and healthy baby and they find it difficult to believe that she is growing so fast. It was only a couple of months ago that we were still talking about Kim’s baby bump and now there are hundreds of people trying to get a sneak peak at her baby under the blankets.

Exercising Mommy

We can be sure that Kim had an extensive exercise program. However, it might be enough for her that she has to carry the baby around.


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