The love between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West didn’t really surprise anybody since the two have been friends for years. However, nobody really thought that things would get serious until Kim got a baby bump. It looks like in their case the saying goes “First comes baby, than comes marriage.”

Kim and Kanye will Most Likely have a Big Post Baby Wedding


Ever since the birth of baby North, Kim seems to have been really busy with caring for the baby, because she didn’t really have any TV appearances, except for a short one in her mother’s show. Nonetheless, apparently, she has some other activities as well that don’t directly involve the little North.

Planning and Planning

According to the most recent rumors, Kim is busy with planning their upcoming wedding. Reliable sources claim that the couple has been thinking about getting married for a while now, and this seems to be the perfect time. This will be the third wedding for Kim, but it will be the first for Kanye.

The Style of the Wedding

Since Kim has quite some experience with big weddings, she wanted a low key one. However, Kanye never had a wedding before, so he would like to have a big wedding. This means that Kim will have to live with having a big celebration again.

The Words of West

The friends of West claim that he would like to have something extravagant and something special to mark their love. This means that most probably the couple will have a destination wedding to some exotic place. Nonetheless we also have to consider that West has a bash in Paris, which may seem as the perfect destination, knowing that Paris is the capital of romance. Although everything seems perfect at the moment, people say that West wants to have a wedding more than Kim… Why wouldn’t she want to make it official with the father of her child?


Doesn’t it seem strange that Kim is reluctant about having another wedding? Is it possible that she is bored of all the celebration? Or does she have a hidden agenda? We shouldn’t think the worst of people, but we have to admit that, given her past, there might be something to these assumptions.

Hoping the Best

Let’s not forget that the two already have a child, and maybe this will be enough to keep them together so that they will have a happy family without any complications in the future.


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