There are more and more people thinking that Jennifer Aniston could be pregnant. The 44 years old actress is known for being addicted to yoga and to healthy living. This is why since her figure has become a bit more curvaceous people thought that she might have a bun in the oven.

Jennifer Aniston Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Squashing Rumors

While some people are waiting for good news, the actress keeps squashing their hopes, claiming that she only gained a few pounds. She is afraid that the constant speculation will ruin the news regarding her upcoming wedding or the possible future baby news.

Nothing Left to Say

Aniston believes that the question of a possible pregnancy has been exhausted and there is nothing left for people to add to it. She says that people should wait for her and her fiancé to have exciting announcements instead of playing a guessing game.

No Pregnancy But Other Big News

A little while ago the fiancé of the actress celebrated his 42th birthday and they had a birthday bash in Los Angeles. The actress made hints regarding the possibility that the bash may have been their wedding reception, but it was all a big joke. It seems like the actress had the intention of misleading the world regarding her personal life.

The Birthday Party

We can say that Justin had a really fun party. The couple had about 75 guests, including Ben Stiller, Ellen DeGeneres, Tobey Maguire, Jimmy Kimmel, John Krasinski, Laura Dern, Jason Bateman, and Don Cheadle. The party took place at the newly renovated home of the couple that cost $21 million.

Why the Rumors Started?

A few days ago Jennifer Aniston participated at the premiere of her latest movie “We’re the Millers” and she wore a skintight black dress that emphasized her curves. Even more, some people claim that they also saw a bump that they believed to be a baby bump.


At this point the actress believes that there is nothing more to add. She admits that her looks changed a bit in the past period, but she says that she only gained some weight. Furthermore, at this point she and her fiancé don’t really have plans for a wedding, so the fans will have to wait a little longer to hear the wedding bells.

We have to admit that there aren’t many actresses who don’t try to hide the fact that they gained weight.


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