What’s not to like about Angelina? She is that kind of beautiful woman you almost always have in mind when thinking about famous people. She is also an example of confidence and determination, a sort of supermom of six and also, recently the best paid actress in Hollywood.

Angelina and Her Rise Among the Best Paid Hollywood Divas 2013

The road so far

The whole world knows she is for real the most humanitarian celebrity. Competing with Audrey Hepburn in the world’s hall of good deeds by celebrities, Angelina also became iconic in her drastic decision to prevent getting cancer by having a double mastectomy. Her inspirational act got her extra points in the public eye.

More money than last year

In spite of not appearing in any movie since the “ Tourist” the actress’s income increased with 13 million comparing to the previous year. In between her health issues and raising a bunch of kids she produced and wrote “ In the Land of Blood and Money” a movie about the Bosnia war but also visited the Jordan camp of Syrian Refugees for humanitarian purposes.

Still an expensive performer

You would think that staying away from the movie acting world would have influence to the worse her value as a performer for hiring. It seems that nothing like that happened. Angelina was offered 15 million to act as lead in the revamped “Sleeping Beauty” movie called “ Maleficent”. The movie is to be launched in 2014 but the simple act of releasing a photo with Angelina’s make-up as Maleficent created a media frenzy.

How much ?

According to Forbes, currently Angelina is no. 1 in the top of best paid actresses. Her income was of $33 million and made her step in front of the next contestants to the title Jennifer Laurence, Kirsten Stewart, Jennifer Aniston and Emma Stone.

Jennifer Lawrence stepped to the second place with $26 million. The young actresses value raised after she won the Oscar for “Silver Lining Playbook” after the first movie of the “ Hunger Games” Saga made her extremely famous.

Kirsten Stewart is following in the top with $22 million . We know that the “Twilight” franchise made her both rich and famous and her latest movie “Snow white and the Huntsman” did something more for her cash value.

The most powerful in the wealthiest top three

The public eye is not surprised to see Angelina leading the top of the wealthiest actresses. Her personal brand is surely the strongest among the three and her image of amazing woman, philanthropist and inspirational public figure makes her one of the most powerful women in Hollywood.


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