It’s a boy! The little prince of Cambridge arrived safely into the world on July 22nd 2013. After an anxious wait and a media frenzy which anticipate his arrival , the little bundle of joy finally graced the world with his presence.

Welcome to His Royal Highness Prince of Cambridge

How did things unravel ?

A little before 6:00 am  July 22nd  the Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to St Mary’s Hospital , respectively to the private Lindo wing where in the tradition of the English Monarchy were born princess William and Harry to Princess Diana and where were also born the children of Princess Anne, the Queen’s daughter.

Because the things were progressing normally, the Duchess and the Duke of Cambridge arrived to the hospital without a police escort .

Who attended the birth?

We would think that the Duchess would have want her mother and sister to be in the delivery room so she would benefit from their comfort. To the surprise of everybody neither Carole nor Pippa were present there. The only family member Kate allowed by her side was her husband.

What happened?

His royal highness the little prince was delivered at 4.24 pm the same day after 10 hours of labor. The duchess was said to have chosen hipno-birthing but the rumor was not confirmed by official sources. The baby weighted 8lbs and 6oz and both him and his mom were declared perfectly fine.

As tradition called an easel in wood and gold was place by the Queen’s Press Secretary and a footman outside Buckingham Palace to share the good news with the world in an official manner . Also respecting the tradition a town crier announced the birth of the young prince outside St. Mary’s Hospital by shouting the proclamation words and ringing a bell.

What happens next?

Most likely, as everybody expects, the Duchess will very soon present her first born to the public as all royal moms did before her.

The media and as a matter of fact, the entire world waits to find out the name of the little prince. In spite of that the process might take a while because the shortest period for choosing a baby name in the royal family took more than a week post his or her birth.

The family

As expected , everybody looked forward to hear the declarations of the little prince’s family. The Buckingham’s officials assure the media that the entire family was excited to hear the good news and his royal daddy simply stated: “ We could not be happier!”


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