It seems that these days, the celebrity news are all about the royal baby. And they are right to be.

Media is still anxious about any possible scrap of information that transpires from Buckingham and all over the world the little prince creates waves of fans.

The Royal Baby Name and What Happens Next

The Royal Baby Name

Surprise , surprise…Kate and William have done it again. Contrary to what everybody expected, the second day after his birth, the royal mom and dad announced the world that the little one will be called George Alexander Louis and he will be known as His Royal Highness George Prince of Cambridge.

You can imagine that the world vibrated with excitement at the news. George is a traditional name extremely love in Scotland. Also in the tradition of English Royalty, George is a beloved name.

The Baby is Out and About

Another surprise that came from the young royal family is that they made the smart choice and took the baby away from London’s heat and humidity. After the mom and baby left the hospital the family spent the night at Kensington Palace. The very next morning the Duke of Cambridge took his wife and kid and like a regular family boarded a Range Rover and left for Buckelbury where Kate spent the last days of her pregnancy.

Kate Middleton vs. Maternity

After declaring herself very emotional to the press in front of St. Mary’s hospital when they presented Prince George for the first time, Kate seems quite composed and back to her lovely self. Media discussed her natural look, with almost no makeup these first maternity days, and the truth is that regardless of the designer dresses , although lovely, maternity becomes her.

Prince George Christening – What to Expect?

No that the royal baby name was made public , questions are risen regarding the royal christening. Apparently the christening robe used for 30 royal baby christenings became too fragile to be used for Prince George. This is why the Queen’s senior dresser created a replica of it in 2008. Prince George will most likely wear this replica.

As for the venue, the royal family has not decided yet but since the tradition calls for English princes and princesses to be baptized either in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace or in St. George’s chapel at Windsor Palace, most likely they will choose between the two.


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