Some brides don’t need months or even years to prepare their wedding. It is a known fact that Halle Berry is pregnant with her fiancé, Oliver Martinez. However, it has been a surprise to learn that the two of them will get married this weekend. We have to admit that there is nothing more beautiful than to be a July bride.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez - Here Comes the July Bride

Making the plans

Unlike many other celebrities, Halle Berry is really quiet about her private life and she doesn’t like to be the subject of gossip.

However, it looks like they’ve been planning the wedding for some time now. Last year the actress revealed that she’s been giving the ceremony a lot of thought.

Isle trip

Just as you may have thought, when people asked the actress about the ceremony she’s been thinking about, she said that she would like to have something small and quiet.

Her experience

Halle Berry admits that she didn’t attend too many weddings, but she went to one that had 250 guests. In her opinion that is just too much. Naturally she didn’t even try to catch the bouquet. The competition is just too big, and the whole thing turns into a circus or a show of some kind.

Not getting married ever again

After she got divorced, the actress said that she won’t get married ever again. She surprised even herself when she found herself being engaged to the French actor. It looks like she learned the hard way that people should never say never.

Third time’s the charm

Halle Berry was married two times before. She married David Justice back in 1993. After getting divorced she married Eric Benet in 2001. This time she wants to do things right and not jump into a marriage. The two got engaged back in March 2012 when the actress was spotted rocking an emerald and diamond engagement ring.

More goods news

It seems like this year will bring a lot of happiness to the couple. They revealed in April that they will have a baby boy together. Although the couple didn’t want to reveal any more details, all there is left for us to do is to congratulate the couple and to wish them all the happiness in the world.

We have to admit that the actress is really lucky to have found true love and she gets the chance of having a real family.


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