Media goes into frenzy more and more every day and reports like “ we have the wrong hospital “ are frequently shaking those expecting the royal heir to the core.

However, in spite of being so impatiently expected the little prince or princess is not in a hurry to come so let’s see what his or hers relatives go through lately.

Kate Plans to Ease Labor with Hipno-birthing

More and more rumors are stating that the Duchess of Cambridge is planning to be a modern mom and give birth using the hipno – birthing technique.

The truth is that the Duchess has repeatedly declared that she feels calm and relaxed these last pregnancy days and apparently staying at her parents’ house contributes to her positive state of mind.

William – Home with the Wife

After the polo match that took place on July 13th – the date little prince or princess was expected – the Duke of Cambridge announced he will stay at home waiting for his first born.

Family Declarations

The Duchess of Cornwall declared to the press that the baby is expected to arrive by the end of the week, while Prince Charles on his visit to Bude this Tuesday replied “ Hopefully” to a new mom holding a baby when she told him that he will have one in his arms soon.

The Other Grandma

In spite of the royal wing of the baby’s family expectations, Kate’s mom predicted the baby will be a Leo and that he or she will arrive after the 23rd of July.

Her Royal Majesty Vacation

The Queen attended yesterday the cricket match between England and Australia at Lord’s and spend almost an hour with the teams before she sat in the balcony to watch the game. She is said to have left in a hurry which led everyone to believe that the labor announcement had arrived. The rumor was not confirmed and so far we can expect that the Queen was simply bothered by heat.

On a secondary note the press has noted that when asked whether she would like Kate to have a boy or a girl, the queen said “ I don’t think I mind”. She also underlined in several occasions that baby should come because she prepares to departure for her vacation in Scotland. What do you think ? Will the baby indulge his or her great grandmother?


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