The musical-comedy series Glee has fans all over the world, so the news of the death of the Canadian actor Cory Monteith really shook the world. According to the police there is no sign of foul play and at first sight nothing seems to be out of order.

The facts

The 31 year old actor has been found dead by the paramedics in his hotel room in Vancouver. He checked in to the hotel on July 6, and he was supposed to check out on Saturday.

There is proof that there were other people with the actor as well on Friday night, but the key logs show that he returned to his room alone on Saturday and nobody entered after him.

The police are clueless

Until this point the police don’t really know much about the circumstances of the actor’s death. They also mentioned that the actor was alone at the time of his death, but the people that he spent time with prior to his death were interviewed.

News around the world

The spokeswoman of the actor told the fans that the news is true and sadly Mr. Monteith passed away on Saturday. The colleagues will miss the young actor. Dot-Marie Jones transmitted on Tweeter that the actor was a great performer and an amazing friend. She also added that she has no words.

The world of celebrities

Not only the fans were surprised by the news. ZoeyDeschanel added that this was the tragic loss of an amazing actor. The producers of Glee said that he was a talented actor and an exceptional performer. He was a good person also and the entire staff will miss him.


We also have to add that in April the actor was admitted into a facility because of his substance addiction. He asked his fans to offer him privacy so that he can recover in peace. Lea Michele (his colleague and girlfriend) said that she supported the actor and that she was very proud of him for seeking help.

Shadows of the past

This was not the first time when he went to rehab. He was admitted for the first time when he was 19. He talked openly about this experience and he added that he would try everything and anything. Back in 2011 he said that he was lucky to be alive, making reference to his dangerous way of living.


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