Unquestionably a global superstar, Beyoncé Knowles is known for many things, from her stunning looks to her incredible voice. She’s also loved and admired by women in their millions for her sense of style, both on and offstage. Even during pregnancy, she managed to look every inch the style icon with the winning combination of arduous workout programs and amazing fashion sense. So it is little wonder that her female fans worldwide are eager to replicate her look.

Of course, another thing Beyoncé has plenty of is money, which is something that most of her fans do not. This means that those who want to bag Beyonce’s style need to find a way to do so on a budget. So, what’s the best way to get that superstar sense of style without breaking the bank?

5 tips to replicate Beyoncé’s style without spending a fortune

If you’re keen to jazz up your wardrobe and look like this 21st-century superstar, you could do worse than follow these 5 tips:

Feminine and clingy: Beyoncé is often snapped wearing very feminine, clingy (as opposed to tight) dresses which are beautifully fitted and show off her curves to their best advantage. Investing in one or two dresses like this will enable you to show off your feminine side, too. You can dress these up or down to suit the occasion, so you don’t need to own a wardrobe full of these frocks like the woman herself. You also don’t have to go for designer gear – something simple and well-made will do the job.

Rock the biker chick look: While Beyoncé is known for her femininity, she’s certainly not averse to going for a raunchier look. Get your hands on a stylish, fitted biker jacket  in order to emulate her more sexually aggressive side. These jackets can be very versatile and worn with everything from pencil skirts to jeans. They also come in a range of colours.

Keep the jewellery simple: OK, so we all saw Beyoncé sporting those huge gold ‘Obama’ hoop earrings in the run up to the US elections – but remember also the elegant emerald ones she wore for the inauguration. On a day-to-day basis, she tends to keep her jewellery simple and elegant, closer to the latter in style. So invest in some chic earrings and a pendant necklace for everyday wear. You might also want to splash out on a funky, unique necklace to wear from time to time, as a star herself might.

Hail the heel: If there’s one thing that Beyoncé loves, it’s a pair of killer heels. From vertiginous-heeled boots to stiletto strappy sandals, she has been snapped wearing them all. Make sure your Beyoncé-styled wardrobe has plenty of heel options in there – and they don’t have to be made by the likes of Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo, just look the part.

Go for smart-casual: Admittedly, this is not a look you’d naturally equate with a superstar, but even Beyoncé doesn’t sport diamonds and bias-cut silk all the time. When it comes to this look, she favours a smart jacket paired with well-fitted jeans. This look that won’t cost you a lot, as you simply need to make sure you have one versatile tailored jacket in your wardrobe which you can pair with all of your different jeans and shoes to create new looks.

While she may be a global megastar and have impeccable fashion taste and personal style, Beyoncé’s look is something that fans can recreate themselves with a little imagination and without having to spend a fortune.


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