Leading country singer Mindy was found dead at her Heber Springs residence in Arkansas early this week. The singer has apparently committed suicide after a court denied custody of her sons and ordered her to attend a drug rehabilitation program, earlier this month. Her ex-boyfriend and father of her oldest son Zander McKnight has disclosed that 37-year Mindy was a victim of substance abuse and was staying in a rehab center until she walked free and committed suicide.

Mindy McCready Commits Suicide

Mindy’s Recent Personal Life

Mindy has another son Zayne from her relationship with musician David Wilson. Incidentally, just a month ago Wilson shot himself and was found dead at the same place. The two were engaged but not married. McKnight feels that her release from the rehabilitation center was a mistake as she was in a pathetic state post Wilson’s death and a bad financial condition to live with.

In addition both her sons were kept under foster care. The court order to send her to rehabilitation came after Mindy’s father expressed concern over her condition where she was drowning herself in alcohol and pills and not caring for her two kids after losing Wilson.

Ups and Downs

Mindy rose to great heights very early in her career with hit numbers such as “Guys Do It All The time” and “Ten Thousand Angels”. But her life took unexpected twists and she attempted suicide many times. Her relationships began making headlines. One such news was McKnight’s murder attempt on her. He was charged and arrested for this crime. Later on she entered into a relationship with baseball player roger Clemens.

She was barely 15 years old and Roger was a 28 year old married man. Later on she got engaged to Dean Cain. In the meantime she was charged with possession of drugs, assault on her mother and violation of probation. She made efforts to mend her ways by joining Celebrity Rehab 3. She did well during the show but soon returned to her old ways thanks to a series of failure on the personal and professional front.

Struggling to get back her kids and fight her insecurities, Mindy faltered again and again and lost Wilson too. This was the last straw that probably made her take this drastic step of ending her life. The police have registered a case of suicide and are probing into the incident. Our sympathies to her near ones who were affected by this grave incident.

Photo Credit: (http://www.guardian.co.uk)


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