Music sensation Justin Bieber and his beau Selena Gomez have been in news ever since they first met. The teenage idols are the most talked about love birds in the celeb world. But the million dollar question is – is this affair for real or are they just fooling around. With so many makeups and breakups happening ever since their first dating rumors, it is hard to tell if the teenage couple is taking fans for a ride. Let’s find out what the deal is all about.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s Yo-Yo Affair

Currently Selena and Justin are going through a rough patch in their relationship. The two have been spotted at Bieber’s home in Atlanta and were seen kissing. This is the first time in the last one month that two have been seen together. In December 2012, the duo broke up and was back together by vacation time. However, for reasons best known to them they split up again in the New Year and have not met since then.

Selena and Justin Timeline

The two first met 3 years ago through common friends from the industry. They then happened to hang out together frequently. The meetings became more frequent and then soon they began dating each other. The first time they were spotted in a PDA pose was in 2011 on a yacht in the Caribbean on the New Year’s Eve. Even at this point they refused that they were dating.

Finally on the Valentine’s Day in 2011 the secret revealed itself when Justin bought out a florist store to fill up Selena’s home with flowers. Finally in March, Selena officially announced that Justin and she are in love. From then on, they have been seen touring the world’s popular beaches and showing PDA.

Is it a Publicity Stunt or True Love

Most recently the two have been trying to bond with each other’s family, big time. The couple visited their family in Toronto and had a gala time together. Now with these series of breakups and makeups, gossip analysts have begun to believe that this is such a publicity stunt.

Many have speculated that in the near future Selena will fall in love with an older star and Justin will sulk in his single status. What is the future of this A-list pair, only time will tell.


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