Riri as she is affectionately called by her fans was in London last week for the launch of her clothing line River Island to coincide with the London Fashion Week. In the wee hours of Sunday when Rihanna was leaving the Soho nightclub after a night of partying, a fan approached her and hurled abuses for her controversial relationship with Chris Brown.

The ‘Stay’ singer chose not to react but within a few moments the man launched a bottle in her direction. In a bid to avoid the bottle hitting her Rihanna moved away but ended up hitting a metal grate and scraped her knee. She quickly dabbed the blood on the wound and walked away to the car that was waiting for her outside the club. One of her bodyguards was also injured in the melee and is being treated for it.

Attack on Rihanna at a Nightclub

Rihanna’s Night out with Chris Brown

This incident has raised eyebrows and rekindled questions about Riri’s relationship with Chris Brown. Just in this month we have seen a quick change of events between them. At the Grammy awards night the two were seen cozying up and showing PDA throughout the evening.  By the middle of the week the couple was seen seated in the opposite ends of the VIP lounge at the Playhouse Club in LA.

Both of them tried hard and kept each other away but were conscious about the presence of the other. The atmosphere was tense, with both singers displaying their ego in public. The very next day, on the eve of Valentine’s Rihanna and Chris Brown did not spend the day together. According to one of our sources “When she noticed he was there, she made a huge show of rubbing her presence in his face.”

Is Chris In or Out?

What intrigued everyone was the jacket she wore to London on the weekend. It was the same jacket which Chris was wearing on the night when they were spotted together at Playhouse. It had a large red heart embossed on it. Fans are irked at this yo-yo relationship status and want to know the real story. So our question to Riri still remains – Whatzup Riri?


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