The news is out! Actress Kate Winslet is now married to fiancé Ned RocknRoll. The wedding ceremony was a secret one and so carefully kept under wraps that not even her parents came to know of it.

Only select people were invited for the ceremony held in New York just before the New Year’s Eve. The couple has been known to be engaged since last summer and have tied the knot in winter this year. None other than her close friend Leonardo Di Caprio escorted her for the giving away ceremony at the Big Apple.

Kate and Ned’s Previous Relationships

Ned Abel Smith, is the nephew of the Virgin mogul Sir Richard Branson. He works for the Virgin brand in the space-travel division. He has been married earlier to Elisa Pearson and the marriage ended in 2010 when he met Kate.

Meanwhile, the 37-year old actress has been married thrice and has two children from her previous marriages. One is her 12-year-old daughter Mia from her marriage to her first husband Jim Threapleton while the second is a boy Joe who was born out of her wedlock with Skyfall director Sam Mendes.

Both the children and her family were present at the wedding. Kate first met Ned in 2010 at Branson’s Necker Island where she had gone for a holiday. The pair hit it off instantly and ever since has been seen together and has had a rocking relationship.

New Home for the Newlyweds

Earlier last year Kate and Ned had bought a 15th century property in West Sussex for £ 2 million and moved in immediately. So, effectively, Kate Winslet has shifted base to UK once more and continues to live there. Her spokesperson was quoted as saying “I can confirm that Kate has moved back to the UK and that she and Ned Rocknroll are now living together”.

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