The singers have been in news since early 2012 for their break ups and make ups. The latest gossip mills tell us that Katy Perry and John Mayers are back together, once more. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold, the two lovers are getting unpredictable.

John Mayers and Katy Perry Together Again

The festive season is said to have brought the two together. They have been said to have spent a week in Manhattan to be a part of the Rolling Stones concert and also the latest Broadway show, along with Mayer’s father.

An Evening with Mayer’s Dad

The relationship has now entered a new level. Parents have been meeting and the couple is now going out together with each others’ family. The current date of the couple was at the Stones show held at the Prudential centre, Newark.

They were dressed casually for the event and had VIP passes. Throughout the show they were seen latching on to the other’s love handles. They were seen smiling all through as Mick Jagger and team performed their latest numbers.

The couple has been seeing each other since July 2012 and has been pretty open about their relationship at all times. They attended the Broadway show – “A Christmas Story: The Musical” along with Mayer’s father. Soon after the show they are said to have headed backstage for a little chat with the cast of the musical.

She was seen referring to Mayer as her boyfriend during the meeting with the cast. She even went ahead and called him by his pet name “baby” in front of the lead pair when they requested for a photo with the couple. “Come on, Baby. Let’s take a picture” was what she was heard calling.

Looks like all this is heading towards a stronger bonding and marriage seems to be on their cards. If all goes well, they may be married in 2013 and have a baby in hand before their first anniversary. This is our wish for the couple. Let’s hope it comes true at the earliest.

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