Scarlett’s spilt from her boyfriend of one year Nate Naylor happened in October this year.  In less than a month after the split, the 27-year old actress has been spotted getting cozy with a French journalist Romain Dauric.

They were reported as being seen at the Beatrice Inn, holding hands under the table and later holding each other and smoking outside in the cold. All this seems to have happened too fast as this is the first time the duo were spotted in public. The twosome are said to have met at their friend and tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk, who also happens to be French. Fuzi was the one who decorated Scarlett with a Lucky You tattoo across her ribcage.

The Many Men in Scarlett’s Life

Being the most coveted woman in Hollywood is not a tag that is easy to handle. Scarlett seems to have had many romantic encounters and failed in all of those. Let’s have a look at her relationships right from Jared Leto to the latest Romain Dauric. Scarlett’s quest for love began as early as 2004. Her co-actor in 30 seconds to Mars was her first love. They seemed to be very much in love until they parted within a few months of dating. This was followed by a linkup with New York Yankees player Derek Jeter. The relationship fell apart sooner than expected.

It was not until 2006 that Scarlett once again explored her chance with love. She dated Josh Hartnett, the handsome American actor of Black Hawk Down fame. But this didn’t last long either. The relationship fell apart in 2007. Hartnett described the breakup as really painful.

Soon enough, Scarlett found new love in actor Ryan Reynolds and they married in a lavish ceremony. Even this was not to last long. They announced their divorce in 2010, ending two years of married life and made a joint press release stating that “We entered our relationship with love, and it’s with love and kindness that we leave it,”

Short Stints with Romance

In 2011, Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson got close to each other after they met at Reese Witherspoon’s wedding. The relationship did not last too long as Sean was stated as not being too serious about it.

This was followed by a linkup with Justin Timberlake and a short dating stint with Macauley Culkin’s brother Kieran Culkin. They were spotted together in Paris in the September of 2011. After this, sometime in October 2011, she met advertising professional Nate Naylor and they dated for nearly a year before taking separate paths.

Well, this time around, we wish Scarlett has found true love in Romain. Hopefully they will strike the right notes and be a happy couple. Here’s wishing good luck to Scarlett and Romain!

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