Best known as the lead singer of the group One Direction and also his womanizing ways, Harry Styles has been recently spotted with singer Taylor Swift.

The couple who has dated earlier is being seen together again. They were recently seen at a studio in Los Angeles. They were spotted flirting and holding hands backstage and looked too coordinated.

Harry and Taylor at Los Angeles

Taylor who is now a part of the show American X factor is preparing for her upcoming episode. For this she invited Harry and while she was practicing, Harry was seated comfortably next to her mother Andrea. This is a sign that the relationship has moved to the next level.

Taylor and Harry have been seeing each other for quite some time but early in April this year Taylor called it quits when Harry was caught kissing Emma Ostilly. Harry however, renewed his efforts and flew to LA to woo back his beau and even gifted a necklace that matched with his chain. After the show he is said to have carried her on his shoulders all the way to her trailer.

List of Harry’s Exes

Ever since his music band finished 3rd in X-factor 2010, Harry Styles shot to fame for his infamous womanizing ways. He has always been attracted to women much older than him. Some of the famous exes of Harry are: Natalie Imbruglia, Caroline Flack, Cara Delevigne and Lucy Horobin.

It was in March this year that Harry got introduced to Taylor by singer Justin Bieber at the Nick Kids Choice Awards. By April the short date was over due to Harry’s staggering ways during his New Zealand tour. It was during this time that Taylor began dating Conor Kennedy, which reached a dead end last month. Now she wants to give her relationship with Harry a second chance.

With Taylor having her own set of flings, now only time will tell how serious the duo are with their relationship – is it for keeps? Keep guessing?

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