The much talked about Heidi Klum and Seal affair is over, but the fire is still burning. The super model has admitted to being involved with bodyguard Martin Kristen and revealed this publicly in a television interview. The interview was held on German TV and when asked about her love life, she replied “”Ja! Ich bin verliebt!” meaning “”Yes! I’m in love!”

Heidi Klum Love for Bodyguard Martin Kristen

When she ended her marriage with Seal earlier in January this year, she rubbished all reports of her link up with Martin being the reason. But now she cannot stop raving about Martin. Heidi has added in the interview that her liking for Martin is an extension of what her four children have for Martin. The 39-year old model has three children from her marriage with Seal and one from a marriage earlier to that. They are aged between 3 and 8 and live with her.

When asked about why she has kept this relationship of hers with Martin under wraps, Heidi says that there is nothing to hide. She has gone on to say that Martin and she have not been hiding anything. Martin being shy of limelight has preferred to stay away from media and hence their relationship has been a quiet one.

Break Up with Seal: Was Martin the Reason?

It is a known fact that Heidi Klum was married to musician Seal. They broke up after 7 years of marriage that ended in a divorce in January, 2012. When asked about the reason, Seal revealed to the media that Heidi had cheated on him and was ‘fornicating with the help’. To this Heidi had said that she was faithful to Seal throughout their married life and did not ever cheat on him.

Now with the television interview, fresh ego clashes have been sparked off. According to insiders Seal will be using this fact to get more in terms of alimony and also more time with their children. The couples are still fighting it out in the court over settlement and custody issues. Apparently Seal is worth $15 million while Heidi has $70 million worth assets. So, Seal is probably going the make the most of this confession and try and gain as much as he can.

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