If a girl casts away her wardrobe and look after a spit with her boyfriend, there could be many reasons behind it. She might want to put the past behind and start afresh, so that the situation doesn’t remind her of the olden days and this holds the same in case of style and looks.

A woman is thrown into number of situations, when dating different people, which can encourage her to take up new styles. So when Katy Perry was spotted in a printed-sleeve jacket, denim and a floppy hat with John Mayer, who is rumored to be her new boyfriend, we can guess what happened.

This total style revamp of the 27 year old pop singer gets us thinking, how the usually bubbly Katie turned to uncharacteristic boho chic lately, don’t you think so? Her long-sleeved dresses, black lace, fedoras are all an indication, which is unusual for the “I Kissed A Girl” star that we knew back in the year 2008.

When the hit song of that year put her into the limelight, Katy opted for bright and dazzling ensembles like sequins, peacock blue and metallic color explosions. It’s pretty clear that it cannot be just coincidence that she happened to meet Russell Brand, her future husband back then during the making of  “Get Him To The Greek” in that year. Their romance and marriage lasted only for short term and even their divorce was covered in great detail by the media. The question now arises about her style transformation.

We don’t get see much of Katy’s bubble gum style that made her famous anymore. Could her new boyfriend be the reason behind her ditching light colored outfits and crayola-colored hair? This cannot be affirmed but it is conspicuous that the hot brunette has been muted since her split with the British actor in 2011.

While it cannot be said whether her musician boyfriend has influenced fashion revamp, but there’s certainly some change in her styling. May be new trends have started or maybe Katy just wanted to try something refreshing, regardless of her relationships. What is interesting is to think that even stars, like us fashion minded people, base their style sense on situations.

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