Looks like Katy Perry’s romantic inclinations change with seasons. With the turn of fall, Katy’s summer romance with John Mayer has turned cold. The musical couple began dating for the first time in June last year. Their romantic sojourn lasted for a few months amid pool parties and night life of LA, until things turned sour and they parted ways in late August.

Midsummer breakup

The midsummer breakup seemed like a short break before Katy and Mayers decided to give their relationship a second chance. Within a week they were again spotted painting the town red at the FYF music festival.  Reports of trouble soon began to emerge. All was not well with the couple again.

What went wrong

Sources claimed that Mayer was not ready to commit to the relationship with Katy. He was making false promises time and again just to keep Katy happy. On the other hand, Katy was taking the relationship very seriously, more than what Mayer was willing to give. When she realized what was on Mayer’s mind, Katy decided that it was a futile effort and a waste of her time. Finally, she decided to call it quits. The final break up (or so it seems) happened in the first week of October when Katy finally announced that the relationship was off.

John’s wandering eyes

After their previous breakup, Katy took Mayer back only on one condition that he would keep his eyes off other women and mend his ways. As we all know, John is a play boy and a veteran at it. He managed to convince Katy that he has straightened up and is now serious about their relationship. Convinced, Katy accepted him and even gave him the key to her LA home. Her efforts to take the relationship to the next level sealed the fate of their love life. Mayers had no answer to this and would not commit to her. A frustrated Katy wisened up just in time and took the bold step of breaking up with him.

Spate of bad luck for Katy

It has not been a smooth ride for Katy as things have not been in her favor even earlier. Her marriage with Russell Brand ended in July this year and had a love failure with popular guitarist Robert Ackroyd. Katy has reportedly planned a party for her close friends on October 23rd to mark the anniversary of her marriage with Russell Brand.

We wish Katy better luck the next time around and hope the young star finds the love of her life sooner than later.

Photo Credit: (www.posh24.com)


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