It seems it is not all over between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison. Yes, according to the latest rumors in celebrity circle the lead pair of the Twilight series has not yet called it quits. The breakup that caused ripples among the scores of twilight fans and cited as the most gossiped love affair in recent times, has taken another twist.

The affair

The love birds have been in the lime light since their first appearance in the movie Twilight since 2008. Their 4 years long relationship took a tragic turn when tapes of Kristen cheating on Robert went viral in July this year.  Ever since, every tabloid has something to say about the love triangle between Kristen-Rupert –Robert all the time.

Robert Pattison had announced breakup with his girlfriend of 4 years following reports of Kristen Stewart cheating on him. Kristen had later publicly apologized about this affair of hers with Rupert Sanders, the director of her first solo movie Snow White and the Huntsman. Subsequently, high drama followed with paparazzi going crazy over both the stars, their linkups, after thoughts, interviews, views and opinions of their close associates and more.

The breakup and the makeup

Now, finally after 2 months of deliberation, back and forth, Kristen revealed that she is devastated by the separation and admitted her mistake as a single act of folly and wants to be back with Robert. She was seen clinging to all the gifts – cuddly bears to t-shirts – gifted to her by Robert. Later reports stated that Robert’s family was completely against him taking Kristen back. This already meant that Robert was now considering the possibility. He was said to be meeting Kristen secretly at a friend’s guest house in Los Angeles. They were attempting to make up and give their relationship another chance.

All these developments have led to deductions that Robert is still in love with Kristen. Rumors are abounding that this whole break up and make up story was a farce to get publicity for Kristen’s latest movie On the Roads.

Is marriage on cards

As on today, Robert’s stand seems to be getting clearer. He has finally agreed to patch up with Kristen and take her back under one condition. That is Kristen will have to commit herself to marriage with him. So, are wedding bells ringing soon for this Twilight couple or is it another drama under wraps to promote The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, the last one in the vampire series, posted for a release in November this year. Only time will tell.

Keep a close watch on this column for the latest updates on this real-life drama.


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