Lady Gaga, the pop star has reportedly set herself a task of losing 10 pounds. To accomplish this, she is planning on a gluten-free diet. The pop diva is hoping that consuming a diet free of gluten will make her more energetic to complete the final leg of her international tour successfully.

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What’s this new fad all about?

Simple as it may seem, cutting out wheat from your diet is a difficult thing to do. For a couple of days it may seem do-able, but this diet is hard to sustain. All food that we eat has bread in some form or the other. Eliminating this major item from our daily diet requires replacing it with other products which may not be as tasty and versatile.  However, the lady has instructed her staff about this diet change and how serious she is about it.

Her latest menu looks something like this: fish, chicken and vegetables in whatever she meal she may be eating. Potatoes and rice are her comfort foods which she will allow herself to only once a week. To satisfy her sweet tooth, she consumes gluten-free cookies.

Being a celebrity, this news has created a lot of ripples among some groups who fight against crash diets. The National Eating Disorders Association, for instance, has rebuked the star singer for announcing these plans, as this might trigger an anorexic epidemic among youngsters and fans of Lady Gaga.

Already drawing flak for her zero size body, this new diet has added fuel to the fire. Her new diet plans come as a surprise to all concerned, because not very long ago did she give a pro-anorexia press release on self acceptance and lashed out on people propagating dieting wars.

Lady Gaga’s fitness regimen is set to make her lose the extra pounds she gained. When you’re doing the same, make sure to consult a fitness trainer and get their print business cards so that you can communicate with them easily.

Other celebrities going gluten-free

Lady Gaga is not the only celeb personality going on a gluten-free diet to lose weight. Pop singer Miley Cyrus was among the first celebs to hit the gluten-free brigade this year. She endorsed Pilates and a gluten-free diet for going slim.

Billy bob Thornton, Elisabeth Hasslebeck and Chelsea Clinton are other celebrities who have taken to a gluten-free. However, their reasons are different. All of these suffer from gluten-intolerance and consuming glutenous diet is detrimental to their health.

Though there is no scientific evidence to support gluten-free diet for weight loss, it is well known that a diet rich in proteins, nuts, vegetables, fruits and legumes (all of which naturally lack gluten) is known to reduce risk of chronic diseases and is also a healthier way of losing weight.

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