Here is another latest in the Kristen-Pattison love story. After videos of her cheating on Pattison hit the headlines and caused their breakup, the most talked and envied affair of recent times seemed to have come to an end. But, looks like there is a twist in the tale. What could that be?

Kristen Hopes to Get Back with Robert

Kristen’s heart ache

Well, well, the news is Kristen is desperate to get back with Pattison. The young actress of Twilight fame is said to be yearning for Robert so much that she is literally clinging to the remains of their relationship, his old clothes for instance. She is seen pouring her heart out to close friends and says that it would be unbearable for her to see Pattison with any other women. Kristen is holding on to the idea that Robert will forgive her folly eventually and is hopeful that they will get back together.

Robert’s take on the matter

On the other hand, Robert is still dithering and seems to be pretty confused about what to do. But his family is clear – they do not want him to accept Kristen. And so, the ball is now in Robert’s court. It is to be seen if Robert can forget all that happened and forgive Kristen with a big heart and have her back. Will he be able to swallow his pride and have his heart rule the decision? Will he take the big step and say ‘I will’. It waits to be seen if Robert will go with his heart or his brain.

Kristen’s optimism

Stewart says she is confident that their relationship will be fine just in time for the promotion of Breaking Dawn – Part 2, later in November this year. She is pretty confident that their press tour will cruise through without issue, which indicates her optimism that Robert will forget and forgive her.

Public opinion – Reality or Scandal

It is well known that photographs of Kristen and Rupert Sanders published in the media earlier in July this year sent shock waves through the industry. Now, a couple of months later, there are many who believe that these photographs were doctored. Some have even come up with a theory to prove that it is a conspiracy or a scandal tailored to boost the careers of the actors, directors and everyone involved. This is supported by the fact that Kristen’s movie “On the Road” garnered truck loads of publicity.

Now what remains to be seen is if this most loved couple in the recent times will get back together or not.

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