In order to get the bikini abs of Stacy Keibler you should turn to her trainer, Juliet Kaska. If you would like to have great abs you have to make sure that you are committed to hard work and that you won’t give up after you start the exercises. This way you will see the results and this will keep you motivated.

Get it started

In order to start with the exercises, you should step into a lunge by bringing the left foot forward and the other foot back. Sink down and bring the right arm in front of your shoulder. When you exhale you should squeeze the abs, step up then press the weight overhead and bring your knee up all the way to your chest.

Then go back into a deep lunge and exhale. Contract the muscles in your abs and press up. In case you press your right arm up, it will become natural for your body to tilt. This way you will work the obliques and this exercise is known as the plank. As you gain momentum, the exercise will become more and more difficult and your muscles will have to work harder.

Traditional plank

Once you are done with this you should get into a traditional plank. In this position when you exhale you should rotate your arms keeping them fixed and raise your left leg. Then change position into a side plank. Hold position for a short while and then return to the regular plank.

Then rotate on the other side as well, go to a side plank and after this return to the starting position. The faster you perform the exercise, the more your muscles will have to work and so you will be burning more calories.

Waist cincher

This is the perfect exercise for your bikini body. For this you will have to use a weight. You have to sit on the floor with your feet in front of you, knees bent. First hold the weight in front of you. Then lean back a bit until you feel your ab muscles work. To make it more difficult, stop supporting yourself from your heels, and put your toes on the ground.

Then raise your elbows and make a twist to the left, dropping your left elbow and looking over it. Then rotate to the right and do the same on this side as well.

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