Did you hear the rumors according to which the former child actor, star of the ‘Home Alone’ movies, Macaulay Culkin is addicted to drugs like heroin and other hallucinogens? And he may have only 6 months to live if he doesn’t take steps to put an end to his addiction.

Macaulay Culkin

Truth or fiction

After the article appeared the representatives of the former actor took steps and claimed that the rumors were without merit and it the same time they are simply fiction. The base on the article was a picture showing the former actor in a pretty bad shape, weighing only about 100 pounds.

The accusations

According to the article, Macaulay is supposed to have a drug addiction that costs him about $6,000 per month. It is believed that he’s not only into heroin but also oxycodone. The truth is that drug use isn’t far from him: his half-sister died of a drug overdose in 2000 and a close friend of his also died of OD a few months ago.

The article also added that the former actor himself almost died of an overdose earlier this year. However there was no ambulance needed, so the entire story was swept under the rug. Some people say that there is something definitely wrong with him, and it couldn’t be anything else.


You may have heard rumors according to which the scandalous story of the actor was supposed to act as a wakeup call for him. The authors of the article mentioned that he should get some help before he ends up like other stars we know. It is said that his friend was doing drugs with him before she died in March.

Whitney Houston

The story made a connection between the case of the actor and the case of the singer. It is interesting to note that the singer also claimed that she didn’t have a drug problem and she was represented by some of the people who now represent the child actor.

Broken heart

You might have heard that Mila Kunis broke up with the former actor and it looks like this pushed him even further. The two had been together for 9 years. But now it is believed that Kunis is dating Ashton Kutcher.

photo credit: (high-street.org)


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