If you would like to have the perfect body for this summer, you should listen to the tips of Malin Akerman. It’s not just about working out: the key is in the way that you work out.


No matter what kind of workout you opt for, there are three aspects that you have to consider: intensity, weights and volume. You should allow your body to guess, and focus on only one variable at a time. For instance you should increase the weight, but have fewer reps. Then lower the weight but have more reps. After this use the same weight, but increase the intensity of the workout.


These exercises are just great because they work with the biceps, lats, shoulders and middle back and they are great exercises for the upper body. If you can’t do this workout you should do some plank pulls. Lie on your back and have a weight bar above you, set to knee height. Grip the bar and pull your body upwards. For starters you should do 10 reps.

Row the boat

Before starting your strength training you should work with the rowing machine for about 10 minutes. This way blood will be flowing to all the joints and muscles of your body. According to the specialist, this machine is better than the stationary bike or the treadmill because it works the core and upper body as well besides the legs.

Short-circuit the routine

You can fight fat with a circuit that comes with cardio and strength training. Jump the rope, do some push-ups, jump the rope again and do some squats. The main point is to alternate the strength exercises with cardio. This way you will be building muscle while maintaining your heart rate high.

Refined carbs

There are some foods that you should eliminate from your diet. These include cookies, breads, white rice, chocolate,       cereal, honey, sugar and corn syrup. If you eat these, your blood sugar level spikes, producing excess insulin. This is the hormone that holds on to the fat strokes.

Five meals per day

The specialist says that you should have five meals per day: three meals and two snacks. You may have a snack between breakfast and lunch and another one between lunch and dinner. This way you will have more energy, and if you have less food at once, things will become easier for your digestive system.

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