For sure you have heard about several celebrity couples who have plans of getting married, such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. When we are talking about Brad Pitt we also have to mention Jennifer Aniston, because they were married for 5 years, but got divorced back in 2005.

New Celebrity Engagement

Love is in the air

Although her first marriage didn’t really work out as planned, it looks like Jennifer Aniston got lucky in love this time. We all know that she has been dating Justin Theroux for a little over a year now but we didn’t think that they will be ready to start their life together just yet.

Birthday gift

A few days ago Justin celebrated his birthday and he got the best gift he could think of: Jennifer accepted his marriage proposal. So it is official: they will get married (according to the reps of the couple).

Some history

It is a known fact that Jennifer met Justin when they were filming the movie ‘Wanderlust’. Now she is 43 and her partner is 41. There were some rumors earlier according to which the actress rejected the proposal of Justin, but it looks like this time the tabloids got it all wrong.

Stealing the spotlight

You might have heard that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were supposed to get married this weekend. It was really interesting that the big news about Jennifer appeared right now. As a result she managed to steal the spotlight from her ex and for once all the people are talking about her and her happiness.

What can we expect?

Although everybody wishes all the best to the couple, we have to get real and admit that marriages in the world of celebrities don’t last too long. Let’s just hope that now Jennifer Aniston found the right person for herself and that she will be able to settle down and maybe raise a family.

If she doesn’t manage to do this, that won’t be a catastrophe either, since there are a lot of other celebrities just like her and they are happy. Nonetheless it still feels good if you have someone to bring your coffee to bed in the morning, right?

We just have to wait and see whether they really get married, or everything goes wrong even before they write their vows. At this moment it’s just guesswork.

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