It looks like the English Royal Family just can’t stay away from scandal. While the entire fashion world is talking about the fashion sense of Kate Middleton, the rest of the world is spreading rumors about the fact that Prince Harry was spotted naked in Las Vegas.

Prince Harry

The story

On 17 August the Prince landed in Sin City. The second day he was spotted at a pool party along with some other celebrities at the MGM. He started his stay by dancing, joking and some drinking. It is said that Jennifer Lopez attended the same party but it is believed that they never actually met.

On the other hand he did come across a bachelorette party. The people who witnessed the scene say that he was a real gentleman. After this party he attended another pool party, where he met the Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. At 2 a.m. he must have felt quite emboldened and he challenged the medalist to a swimming race.

What happened next?

Ryan says that at that point they were both fully clothed and after the race ended they did different things. The following day the Prince spent some time in his suite. We all know what happened and we could even see the whole thing because it was all documented by the camera of a cell phone. These photos leaked to the internet.

On these photos Harry was seen completely naked while playing pool. Judging by the fact that he didn’t have any clothes on, he must have been losing.

The Royal Family’s response

As it was to be expected, the media reps of the family did their best to keep the photos out of the British media saying that it was a violation of the Prince’s privacy. As a result the pictures weren’t seen in the written or digital media of the country (for a while).


The pictures have been seen by millions to people, including celebrities who were defending the Prince, like Lady Gaga. She said she believed that the Prince looks fit and she admitted that she didn’t mind that the photos leaked out. Some other celebrities had shared her opinion.

Hitting the news

The photos were covered for a while by the reps of the Royal Family in Britain, but later they appeared in the tabloids anyway. The editors said that it was all about the freedom of the press. Millions of people saw the photos on the internet anyway. For sure the media stunt Harry pulled of made him even more famous considering the public loves rogue royalty.

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