Ashley Greene made it to the list of the hottest celebrities of Hollywood after she played the role of Robert Pattison’s sister in the Twilight Saga. Her next movie hit the theaters on 25 August and there are no signs that her career on the screen will slow down any time soon.

Ashley Green

Personal life

In her personal life the actress is devoted to staying in shape. She is a fanatic of Pilates. She is working with her personal trainer, Risa Sheppard. The trainer says that she met the celebrity about three years ago when she started working with her on her control and form.


The celebrity has to do a lot of traveling so she needed a regime that she could practice when she was out of town as well or when she was on set. We can all see the results of her hard work and we have to admit that the actress is in great shape.

Her workout routine

She doesn’t work as much as people might think. She has three really serious sessions per week, of 45 minutes. These workout routines focus on creating proper alignment. This is because the lower back of Greene is quite weak.

Back and stomach

The aim of the celebrity and her trainer was to create a strong back and stomach along with flexibility for her entire body. This way she can stay strong both mentally and physically for her demanding career and social life. When thinking about working out, you must remember that the body and the mind work together. The more flexible your body is, the more flexible your mind will become.


If you have a flat stomach, your buttocks will also rise higher; you will have a smaller waistline not to mention the longer and leaner legs. It looks like Pilates is able to lift everything up. The results that you will get are long lasting and you will always be toned. The best thing about the workout routine is that it will become a part of you. It will influence the way you move and the way that you handle yourself.

As we can see in case of Ashley Greene, Pilates can help women to become more controlled and to have more self-confidence. It is no wonder that there are more and more women opting for this fitness routine all over the world.

Pilates can really do wonders to make working out a fun activity to do. Don’t forget to get the gym or your trainer’s brochures so you get more info about their services.

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