The marriage of Tom Cruise with actress Katie Holmes is breaking up. It is said that the actress rented a hideaway apartment for herself and for her daughter. It seems the bubble has burst in this relationship.

What is she up to?

This apartment is said to be close to the home, or former home, of the couple. Katie decided to move out even though Tom is at the filming of his latest movie in Iceland. The residents of the apartment building claim to have seen the actress every day for the past three weeks.


The actress decided to file for divorce and she is asking for the sole custody of their daughter, Suri. The couple shouldn’t have problems of financial sort because they signed a prenup even before they got married. It is believed that Katie filed for divorce in the state of New York and not in California because in this state it is less likely for the parents to have a joint custody if they are in war.


If Katie gets sole custody of her child, she will be able to remove her from the Church of Scientology. It is a known fact that she doesn’t like the Church and she doesn’t trust it either although her husband is really enthusiastic about it.

The whole world knows that Tom takes his religion really seriously, according to the interviews he gave on this topic. This may be the reason for the divorce of the celebrity couple: Katie doesn’t want Tom to make decisions regarding the religion of their daughter. This is why she is after sole custody.

Course of action

She got her attorney from the East Coast. For sure she will honor the terms of the pre-nuptial contract in a court from New York. It is a known fact that the courts in this state recognize the agreements of this kind. Most probably she won’t have any problems with the agreement, since she has her own wealth due to her career in television and film making and she doesn’t have any financial benefits from filing for divorce.

Cases like this make us all think what we would do if we were in a similar situation. Most likely the majority of mothers would take matters into their hands.

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