Sienna Miller is surely one of the most loved celebrities out there. She is considered to be one of the trendiest famous hotties and her unique sense of style is something not exactly easy to replicate.

She is in a relationship of almost a year with Tom Sturridge, relationship concluded this February into an engagement. Sienna flaunted an impressive wedding ring all through her pregnancy and people were pleased to see her so happy.

A hush-hush pregnancy

The actress is known to be extremely private about her personal life. During her relationship with Jude Law, he was the one who was more open to give details about their relationship than her. Because of that both her and her fiancé kept a very low profile during pregnancy.

When she finally decided to talk with British Vogue representatives, she simply stated that her pregnancy is just fine and she has had a blast being pregnant.

The 30 years old actress was pretty excited about the idea of becoming a mother for the first time. She declared that this was something she expected for the last 8 years and such a joyous occasion deserves to be kept private from the eyes of the media.

A stylish look all through pregnancy

Sienna is one of the style icons who did not give up being trendy regardless the occasion. Her pregnancy was just another opportunity to show off her spectacular sense of style. Her baby bump was dressed in cozy, comfortable but stylish outfits and since February when she started to show, she did her best to present with pride a casual chic but also classy maternity style.

Baby first, bride later – Is it a trend?

It seems that the celebrities have developed a taste for having babies first and legalizing their relationships later. This type of casual relationship choices are quite common and many celebrity babies came into the world to engaged rather than legally married parents.

Undisclosed baby data

Sienna and her man chose not to disclose any kind of information about the baby born on July 8th in London. So far the little known fact is that the bundle of joy is indeed a girl. The weight and the name of the baby remained a mystery.

We must sustain the need for privacy Sienna manifested in the last years, but since she is famous and her baby will be in the spotlight very soon we cannot blame the public for wanting to know all about her little bundle of joy.

Let’s hope she will disclose some info soon.

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