The world was hit by the news that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradise are splitting up. We already got used to having the couple around, not to mention that they have children together.

The two have been together for 14 years. However, the paradise didn’t seem to last forever and it looks like Depp already found a substitute for Vanessa.
Johnny Depp Expensive Gift

Expensive gift

If you have seen the movie ‘Rum Diaries’, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp appeared together, but you might not know that in real life they are friends. Even more, it is already a known fact that Depp offered Amber a really expensive horse as a gift.

Too soon?

We have to admit that this is something quite surprising, because Vanessa and Depp broke up only a little while ago. However, he did make this (relatively) nice gesture for his ‘friend’ only a little while after.

It is a known fact that Depp likes riding. He has been practicing his hobby for hours while shooting the movie ‘The Lone Ranger’ in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. Now the actress can accompany him too.

How about her

It is known that Amber Heard dated for a longer period of time a female photographer. Even more, she was always speaking openly about her affinity for Depp. She also stated that working with the actor is everything that people could hope for when it comes to working with him.

The opinion of the actress about Depp is quite positive. She claims that he is simply amazing as a person and also as an actor. At this moment it is no wonder that he got her a horse. People like other people who say nice things about them.


It was quite surprising to learn that the actor settled to give his ex-partner $125 million although he didn’t have to since they never got married. On the other hand, there are some people who say that Depp and Amber are already together and this is why she got the horse.

People believe that the affair started on the setting of their movie and it seems normal for her to visit him on the setting of Depp’s latest movie. According to the gossips, Depp got really bored with Vanessa and he needed something new. Others believe that Depp is a real ‘womanizer’ and he had several affairs in the past, so the actress isn’t the first one.


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