You may have heard that Jessica Alba also joined the Crossfit craze. Now she goes to the gym to toss medicine balls and to follow the instructions of her trainer. Even more, she claims that she has to thank this training routine that she got back in shape so fast after she had her second child.

Take the ball

One of the exercises that you could try is to hold the ball in your hands in front of you, with your legs apart. Then bend the knees as if you wanted to put the ball on the floor. Hold position for a couple of seconds and then return to the starting position. It is very important to do the exercise slowly.

As a more complex form of the exercise once you get down you should throw the ball just a bit higher and catch it with your elbows bent. Here you should also squat a bit and then return to the starting position. Have 5-10 reps at the beginning.


For this exercise you have to take a dumbbell in each hand and stand on your feet with the soles apart. Lift the dumbbells with your elbows bent, so that they are in head height. After this you have to squat and return to standing position while lifting the dumbbells all the way up. Again you should start with 5-10 reps.


This is another interesting exercise. Start with a standing position. Then bend your knees and put your hands and the floor. Push your feet out so that you get into a push-up position. Do the push-up while jumping back into the bent knee position. Then just jump up and clap your hands above your head.

Toes to bar

Start with jumping up and grabbing the bar. Make sure that all the muscles are tight. Then using your ab muscles pull your legs up so that your toes will touch the bar. Then get back to the starting position. Just as in the previous cases, you should start with 5-10 reps.

Wall ball

For this you need a medicine ball. Stand in front of a wall and squat. As you come up you have to toss the ball into the air by straightening your arms. Wait for the ball to return, catch it and squat again after you catch it.

For sure these exercises will keep you busy for a while.

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