Gisele Bundchen is one of the most well-known supermodels. No matter what she is doing, she has a healthy glow. The truth is that she probably has good genes, but she also has an active lifestyle that includes different kinds of fitness routines.

Martial arts

Although she has a lot of routines to choose from, after she moved to Boston she opted for martial arts, especially tai chi and kung fu. According to her, she was practicing kung fu until two weeks before the birth of her son. According to her trainer, she just wants to train every day.

It is interesting to know that the model was training even on New Year’s Eve and on Thanksgiving. When it comes to tai chi, the model says that for her it is just like moving meditation. She also added that it was like she meditated through the entire childbirth process.

Extracurricular activities

She is known to have been an active child. During her childhood she was into gymnastics, playing volleyball and taking ballet lessons. As she grew up she maintained her active lifestyle. Now we can see her surfing and riding the bicycle. Sitting around and doing nothing just isn’t suitable for her.

Tracy Anderson Method

She is always looking for new ways to make her fitness routine more interesting. For this she can often be spotted having a trip to Studio City to the Tracy Anderson Method. Besides these, energetic dance aerobic workouts, the celebrities also love the trainer for giving them lean and long bodies that are defined and strong.

Anusara yoga

Besides kung fu, this is also one of the model’s favorite workouts. She claims that she starts each day with practicing yoga for an hour. Her trainer introduced yoga to the model more than 10 year ago and according to him the sessions of the model involve lunges, core work and tricep push-ups. During her pregnancy she was practicing yoga only three times a week.

Lower body routine

If you would like to have a lower body just like the model’s, you should have one minute of high knees, 15 rear leg raises, 15 side planks along with leg raise,15 teasers, 15 sumo squats and 15 lunges with leg raise. You should do these exercises three times per week and after a while you will see the results. You just have to keep pushing.

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