Everybody is talking about the comic-book actresses this year, and we have to admit that there is a lot to talk about, because they look simply amazing on the big screens. There are a lot of women who would like to find out about their secrets to having such perfect bodies.


Scarlett Johansson

She is the Black Widow of The Avengers. Her character isn’t one to mess with because of her abilities as a martial artist, spy, sniper and generally speaking, a badass. The actress worked with her personal trainer, Bobby Storm and she focused on fight training, full-body circuit workouts, and she adopted a diet based on plants.

Anne Hathaway

She is the Catwoman of The Dark Knight Rises. The truth is that she had to squeeze into a latex suit doesn’t seem enviable to the majority of women. The actress admits that this thought dominated her life this year. She says that it was like she moved into the gym for 10 months. During those 10 months she did Bikram yoga, dance workouts and stunt training.

Gwyneth Paltrow

She had the role of Pepper Potts in The Avengers. Although her character isn’t the most important one of the movie, she still got the chance to show off her amazing legs. The actress turned to Tracy Anderson and she worked a lot on her legs and backside.

In order to get in shape for the movie Iron Man 2, she worked with the same trainer and she had a very difficult arm and leg training. Besides the workout sessions she also had to follow the diet regimen of her trainer not to mention her dance cardio workouts.

Emma Stone

This amazing actress got the role of Gwen Stacy in the movie The Amazing Spider-Man. Emma and Andrew are an amazing couple, and to look their best on the big screens as well, they were working with Armando Alarcon. Although Emma didn’t have much fighting to do in the movie, her trainer was hard on her. She had to do Pilates, yoga, weightlifting and also plyometrics.

Cobie Smulders

The actress was seen in the role of Agent Maria Hill in the movie The Avengers. In order to get in shape, she focused on boxing, jujitsu and taekwondo. It is no wonder that she does some serious ass kicking in the movie.

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