There are a lot of things people don’t really know about celebrities, such as the fact that some of them like surfing. This is no wonder since surfing is a great way to stay fit and to burn some fat.

Hollywood stars

Cameron Diaz

There is almost no sport that Cameron Diaz doesn’t practice. She was seen surfing in the movie ‘Charlie’s Angels’. Although at that time she was just acting, she enjoys the activity off screens as well. It is a known fact that she even busted her nose while surfing, but she’s not one of the girls who give up that easy.

Minnie Driver

There is no surprise that she loves surfing. Everybody knows that she has a weakness for the sport, so it is no wonder that she is mentioned here. The actress says that surfing and yoga have become a part of her religion. She also enjoys the beaches in California, especially Malibu.

Vanessa Hudgens

The actress is known to be a regular in Hawaii at Waikiki Beach. She is a former Disney star. Although she’s got good skills when it comes to this sport, she still takes some classes to chisel her knowledge and expertise.

Helen Hunt

She is one of the celebrities who surprised the world with her surfing skills. She was spotted surfing in California. It is said that her passion came from costarring in the movie ‘Soul Surfer’ that presents the life of Bethany Hamilton, a surfer who loses an arm in a shark attack but she goes on surfing and wins championships.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Although she can’t be considered a pro at the sport, earlier this year she and her husband were spotted taking surf lessons in Hawaii. Now this is a couple that doesn’t get lazy on their vacations.

Surf babes going pro

Layne Beachley

When it comes to female surfers, she is on the top of the list. She is considered to be the best female surfer of all times. Up to now she has won 7 World Championships and she is one of the few female surfers who took part in men’s tournaments.

Serena Brooke

She is considered to be the second best surfer of the world, at least she was considered before her injuries. Since she is blonde and very pretty, she was one of the more marketable participants of the surfing world and so it is no wonder that she did some ads for different companies.

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