Which one of the HBO finest is ready to step forward and bewitch the public with a new and intriguing season five? You guessed right…we are talking about “ True blood”.

The new season will start on June 10 and until then the sneak previews released by the producers surely made the fans get the chills of expectation. It comes as no surprise that the critics were a bit skeptic about how will the show play next considering that the vampire movie frenzy is no longer what it was 4 years ago.

True Blood Season 5What should we expect?

Fans are surely anxious to find out more about the resurrection of King Russell, the conclusion of Sookie’s need to make a choice between Bill and Eric and why not the next hot sex scenes and thrilling drama that made the show famous.

New romance

You can surely remember the tension between Sookie and Alcide. We have to give it to the girl for being eager to try him. After the vampire affairs she succeeded to survive, a werewolf stud is all she needs.

Still we have to wonder how will she pull it off considering Alcide is unaware that his new crush is responsible for killing his old girlfriend.

New bromance

Fans most likely cannot decide which vampire is sexier. It is quite difficult to choose between Bill’s dark charm and Eric’s cool sexuality. However it seems that with Sookie out of the picture we will see them side by side in a bromance experience ready to face both King Russell and the infamous Authority.

New players

It seems that both supernatural and human crowds are getting new characters with new mysteries and intrigues to follow. Terry’s former platoon leader from Iraq comes to disturb the peace of the family carrying a dark secret that has to do with Terry’s house being burned.

On the other hand, the Authority makes an appearance through several new characters of which the most picturesque seems to be a boy vampire. Called Alexander Drew this one will prove to be the nastiest piece of work Louisiana vampires ever met.

Stars on the red carpet

Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgard along with the rest of the stars from the show made a glamorous appearance on the red carpet at the Arclight Cinerama Dome, California, for the debut screening of the fifth season. We have to admit that the three show favorites looked yummy enough for the fans to expect the show even more. Anna caught the eye in a black dress made of satin and sheer lace while Stephen and Alexander stood by her in perfectly cut suits.


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