We all know the song ‘always sunny in the rich men’s world’. Well, it looks like the same thing applies to celebrities as well.

It doesn’t really look good if a celebrity has to do time for a crime that he or she committed, so the people working for them come up with some other plans to ‘punish’ the stars.

DUI vs. being famous

Matthew Fox Avoiding DUI ChargeThere are a lot of celebrities who had a DUI charge, and it looks like the charges against them magically disappear. This is the case of “Lost’s” star, Matthew Fox.

He also had a DUI charge but a real conviction turned into a treatment program that lasts for a year.

The news came only a few days after the well-known party-bus incident charges against the celebrity were dropped.

So what does it mean and can the celebrities really do whatever they want without any punishment?

Court actions and celebrities

According to the district attorney handling the celebrity’s case, Fox entered a diversion program that results in the charges being cleared from the criminal system.

In short, the celebrity will have to take part in a treatment program according to the orders of court.

After a year of taking part in the program, the celebrity can ask the court to drop the charges against him if he conforms to all the requirements of the program.

It is interesting to add that the license of the celebrity wasn’t revoked nor suspended. Also he wasn’t sentenced and this is why there were no negotiations regarding jail time. At this moment there is no information regarding the treatment program.

What exactly happened?

The actor was pulled over by an officer in Band, Oregon for traffic violation and the officer determined that he was intoxicated. The charges against him included driving under the influence of intoxicants and failure to present or carry a license.

It looks like there is a lot of good news for the actor since the personal injury charges against him were also dropped a little while ago.

Famous enough to get away with…

Apparently, in order to escape prison all people have to do is to appear in a television series or a few movies and they can get away with almost anything.

We have to admit that it must be nice to live in a world where our actions have no consequences. Normal people would have gone to jail for DUI, but not the celebrities; that’s not good for their image or for PR.


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