There is nothing more difficult for a mother than to be talking about a serious illness that her son has to face. This is the case of Sharon Osbourne who talked about the diagnosis of her son, Jack Osbourne. It is no wonder that she couldn’t fight back her tears and the host could hardly understand her.

She said that Jack will also appear on the show and that at the moment he is fine. She also wanted to thank people for all the good wishes that her son received.

Jack Osbourne

The facts

Sunday Jack Osbroune revealed the fact that he is affected by a serious autoimmune condition known as multiple sclerosis that affects the spinal cord and the brain. This condition can cause a lot of damage, such as muscle control problems, issues with balance, vision and thinking.

We also have to add that this is a condition that affects every patient differently. In some cases the condition is just mildly annoying while in other cases it could become debilitating. The truth is that the majority of the patients are between the two extremes.

The sad truth is that the 26 years old former star and filmmaker welcomed his first child to the world a couple of weeks ago. He and his fiancé, Lisa Stelly, have a beautiful little daughter called Pearl. It is totally understandable that Jack was angry when he found out about the diagnosis.

The reactions

He wasn’t just angry, but also frustrated about his condition. He kept asking why all this has to happen right now when he’s got a family to take care of. It seemed like his life was on the right track. We all knew him as a little boy who liked to party, but he has been sober for nine years now.

He really wanted to succeed in his new career of producer and director, but the sad truth is that with time it is possible that he won’t be able to work anymore.

The mother

Sharon realizes that it’s not helpful for her to feel sorry for herself. She knows that at this point it is very important for the entire family to stay positive and to go on with their lives.

Let’s face it: when it comes to health the celebrities aren’t exceptions either and it looks like they can get affected by different kinds of conditions just like the rest of us.


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