The celebrities are willing to do just anything to shock people and to get into the center of attention. This time Justin Bieber decided to have a 4-minute interview.

During the whole time, he was speaking with a British accent. Naturally the interview took place just before his concert in London’s Wembley Stadium.

Where did it all come from?

Bieber English AccentFor four minutes he was sitting there chewing his gum (not very British) and he was answering the questions of Will Cozens.

Right at the beginning of the interview Will asked the star where he got the accent from considering his origin and the rest of the interviews he gave so far.

To this, the star replied that this is just the way he normally talks.

Faking an accent?

After this at one point he was just giggling and trying to choose his words right. He even added that he is trying to concentrate on his accent.

After about two minutes and a half Will asked him what he wants to do in the future. At this point the singer says that he just can’t do it anymore. Will soothed him saying that they are almost over.

Was that so good?

Bieber asked Will about what he thought about his accent. After this he claimed that if he walked through the door at that moment people wouldn’t even see that he isn’t a real Englishman.

In order to make his accent look real he even tried to use the words ‘smash’ and ‘rubbish’ at the end of the interview. In order to complete his masterpiece he even added ‘then over here’ and ‘this old favorite’ here and there.


Such a ‘show’ could make people start wonder about what an earth could make a star want to fake an accent. We could say that since he had a concert in London he wanted to please his British fans, but the majority of people think that it is simply foolish, not to mention that a lot of people are laughing at him.

Maybe the stars should stick to their own accent without wanting to become something that they’re not. It is possible that Justin Bieber will also think about this the next time he tries to fake an accent. Is he talking to Selena with a fake accent as well?

Leaving aside how annoying he sounded, most likely people are expecting the singer to get back his Canadian accent until the next concert.

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