Although Sharon Stone is known as one of the most successful women of the world, it looks like she still has a lot to learn when it comes to people. She was sued by a woman who used to be her nanny.

She claims that the actress made rude remarks regarding her ethnicity and religious beliefs. Even more, she was illegally fired by the actress because she received overtime pay that she was entitled to get.

Sharon Stone

The issue

The name of the nanny is Erlinda T. Elemen and she started working for Stone in 2006. In 2008 she was promoted as the nanny of the three children of the actress. She claims that the actress told her that she shouldn’t talk to the children because she doesn’t want them to talk like her, the nanny being Filipino.

The actress also commented about Filipino food and she said things that suggested that she thought being Filipino is the same with being stupid.

Other odd remarks

According to the lawsuit, the actress also criticized her nanny for going to church often. On one occasion, the actress forbade the nanny to read her Bible in her room that was found in the residence of the actress. Until this moment the spokesperson of the actress didn’t make any comments regarding the accusations of the plaintiff.

Fired for crazy reasons

The nanny says that she was fired in February last year because she wouldn’t return the overtime money she got for traveling with the children on holidays and other occasions. She also added that Stone accused her of stealing that money and also told her that it was illegal for her to receive money for overtime.

Bigger picture

The attorney of the nanny claims he is hoping that this suit will draw the attention to the fact that there are a lot of employees that don’t receive their overtime payment according to the amount of time they work for. He says that this is a common problem in the U. S. but there are a lot of people who are afraid to raise their voice because they think that they could lose their job because of this.

There are thousands of people in this situation. However, he hopes that the publicity this case will have will raise the awareness of people and the employers will start to pay overtime to their staff when they rightfully deserve it. This is a problem that could make a lot of people reconsider their actions.


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