According to the latest news, one of the several masseurs that accused John Travolta of inappropriate behavior dropped the charges.

What happened?

According to him, the star groped him in Beverly Hills while offering a massage session. After the star stated that he had restaurant receipts and photos placing him in New York at the moment the masseur stated that he got the date wrong. The plaintiff’s attorney said that the case was dismissed, but this doesn’t mean that it cannot be refilled.

John Travolta

Statements and claims

The lawyer claims that his client was really traumatized because of what happened and he needed medical care for his anxiety. According to him if someone needs to go to a doctor to treat anxiety something really bad must have happened to him.

This incident took place only one day after a fourth masseur came forward stating that he was assaulted by the actor too. The attorney of the masseur that dropped the charges said that he will continue his work against Travolta helping the second masseur who came forward.

This masseur claims that the celebrity rubbed his leg, then touched his genitals and wanted to have sexual intercourse during a private appointment in January.

More claims…

The lawyer of Travolta denied all the allegations and said that they were ridiculous. He claims that his client managed to prove that the charges of the first masseur were false and most probably he will manage to do the same in this second case as well.

Naturally, there is also a third man claiming that he was assaulted by the actor. According to this man, the actor hugged him and then asked for a massage. In the end, the actor offered him $12,000 to have sexual intercourse with him. All this was supposed to have happened on the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship back in 2009.

What do facts say?

The actor got married with actress Kelly Preston in 1991. He is internationally known because of his roles in ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and ‘Grease’ in the 1970s.

We can all see that more and more people appear with claims against the actor, and it is very likely that in the end they will all turn out to be false accusations. We have seen many cases where people of this kind were only after the money and their stories had no real basis at all. It would be interesting to find out where do they get their stories from.


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