Big news hits the world: Jessica Simpson gave birth to her first child. She is the proud mother of her baby girl. She and her fiancé Eric Johnson welcomed to the world Maxwell Drew Johnson.

The baby got her middle name from the maiden name of Jessica’s mother. She stated that she hopes she will be a mother half as good to her child as her mother was to her.

Jessica Simpson Gave Birth To Girl

Confusing name

The truth is that Maxwell Drew is a pretty confusing name for a little girl. She might have problems in the future with fitting in, but most probably her origin will help in that department.

The parents said that the baby was born with a weight of 9 lbs. and 13 oz and the singer shared the news with the world via Twitter. She announced the name of the girl, her weight and her height. Also she said that she and her fiance are grateful for all the love, prayers and support that they received. She also added that this was the best experience of their lives.

Although the baby was pretty big, that doesn’t explain why she had such a huge baby bump at the end of her pregnancy. She said that in fact it was amniotic fluid that made her belly expand that much.

Freestyle couples and engagement trend

The couple was dating for half a year when they got engaged in November 2010. According to official information they put aside their plans of marriage until the arrival of the baby. Jessica said that her fiancé already feels like a husband.

Jessica shared a lot with the world about the pregnancy. She said that she didn’t mind having sex during her pregnancy, even more, she was unstoppable.

Twitting celebs and pregnancy worries

There were a lot of celebrities who were concerned about her pregnancy. Chelsea Handler asked a while ago whether she already gave birth. Katy Perry was also concerned. The good news for them is that the little one has arrived.

Seven months ago Jessica shared the news of pregnancy with the world. She tweeted a photo where she is dressed up like a mother for Halloween. She added as a caption that it is true and that she will become a mother pretty soon.

Until now the media didn’t receive any photos of the little one. However we all know that Jessica loves social media so most probably she will post some photos quite soon. All proud mothers would do the same.


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