Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie are already history, but it looks like he is still thinking about her. According to him, he made a really big mistake when he didn’t fight for their relationship. He admitted openly that he ‘blew it’ with the actress. We all know that at this moment she is engaged to Brad Pitt.

Why it all happened?

The Oscar-winning actor says that things went south because he thought that he wasn’t good enough for Angelina. According to him, there were major differences in the ways they wanted to live their lives and none of them was ready to make a compromise, not to mention the fact that these differences made the actor feel insecure.

Billy Bob ThorntonThe actor says that he “felt like the Phantom of the Opera” who needs to hide in the catacombs compared to his ex-wife.

Back then when the couple was still together a lot of Angelina’s fans said the actor didn’t really “deserve to be with her” and it looks like these comments really affected him.

The life of a celebrity

It is true that they had their problems that were made even worse by the tremendous fame that they both had.

Thornton now admits that he learned from their relationship that if both of the partners are famous, this puts a lot of pressure on their relationship.

The actor also adds that when they got married he was more famous than the actress. After a while, she became a major celebrity and all these changes didn’t really help their relationship. However, he admits that he had a part of the blame for the fact that their marriage didn’t work out.

Although they had a rough time, he says that they managed to stay friends after all these years. He also adds that they had a good time and things didn’t work out only because he chickened out of the relationship. It seems important to him to note that it’s no big deal what they have gone through because they never really got to hating each other.

We all know that the relationships between celebrities seldom last for longer periods of time. There are some celebrities who were married to each other for only two and a half months; nothing new there. Let’s just hope that Angelina really found true happiness with Brad and that their relationship will work out… for the sake of their children.


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