Let’s face it: Kanye is talented, has a lot of success and his name starts with the right letter so there is no reason for Kim not to like him. It is no wonder that she decided to bring him into her inner circle. The singer accompanied the family of Kim at the opening of a new venture.

The brother-in-law of Kim Kardashian opened a restaurant and she decided to steal the spotlight by going official with the new love she has. At one point she was seen holding hands with the singer. People were speculating for weeks that the friends could be more than just friends now. It looks like they finally decided to reveal their big secret in front of the world.

Kanye and Kim(photo credit: www.hellomagazine.com)

It looks like Kim managed to get through her pain caused by the end of her marriage (that lasted 72 days) with the basketball star, Kris Humphries (although his name started with the right letter too). Her sister, Khloe said that she is happy for the new couple. She also added that they are taking one step at a time. Does this mean that they won’t get married next month?

The answer comes from Khloe. She added that she doesn’t really think that the relationship is very serious. It looks like the little sister thinks Kim isn’t over her previous relationship yet. Nonetheless Kim and Kanye were friends for a long time and that makes things a lot simpler. This is something that Khloe likes to see for Kim; something that comes easy and that makes her happy.

No matter how soon it may be, Kanye already admitted that he fell in love with Kim. He also added that they don’t do this only for publicity. What they feel is real and they are perfect for each other. Didn’t we hear Kris say that too?

The singer released his latest song in which she mentioned his ex-girlfriend who now has another partner. He says that she fell in love with her new partner around the time when he fell in love with Kim.

According to a friend of the singer, the two have been friends for a long time and now Kim is ready to give it another shot.

Kanye and Kim have a lot in common: a taste for luxurious life, a love for fur and they both like expensive cars. Why shouldn’t their relationship work?


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