It is possible that Jennifer Hudson will have to face the toughest gig of her life. It is likely that she will be asked to testify in the case of William Balfour, her brother-in-law who is supposed to have killed her brother, mother and nephew back in 2008.

She said that she would like to be present every day at the trial, even if it will take months. According to professionals, the presence of a celebrity like her may have an influence on the outcome of the trial, and it is possible that it won’t be for the best.

Family Murder Trial(photo credit:

The procedure of selecting the jury has already begun, the professionals trying to narrow the number down to 12. Once both sides will be done with the opening statements, it is likely that the presence of the Oscar-winner celebrity will have an influence during the calling of the witnesses.

The criminal defense attorney says that her presence could have a huge impact. He also added that most probably the celebrity will sit with the other family members right behind the prosecutor that is very close to the jury box so that they see very clearly all the reactions of the celebrity.

It is known that the power of the celebrities is always important and this is why the defense doesn’t want her there while the prosecutor would like her to be present. Most probably, the jury will keep an eye out for her reactions during the testimonies.

Still it is very important to make sure that there will be a fair trial. This is why when it came to selecting the jurors, several questions regarding the celebrity and her career were asked. One of the questions refers to the movies that she starred in while another asks whether the jurors belong to any organization that has Jennifer Hudson as their representative.

The prosecutor says that it may be quite dangerous to have her participate at trial because some could accuse of mistrial, but he still thinks that this is a risk that is worth to be taken. It is his job to make sure that the jurors won’t be influenced by her presence, to ignore the celebrity and to see things from an objective point of view.

William Balfour actually is an ex-con who served seven years in the past because of attempted murder and possession of a stolen vehicle.


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